M62 – Z80 SBC Card – Rev 1

The M62 Z80 SBC (Previously the M62-Mini Z80 SBC) is a card that holds the components that constitute a computer.

This design has now been superseded by Revision 2

The card consists of:

  • the Z80 CPU
  • 16C550 UART interface
  • 16K FlashROM
  • 16K SRAM
  • 4MHz Oscillator
  • Reset and NMI buttons

There is a location for a header to allow you to use a FTDI USB-UART cable and here is another header (which mounts on the back of the board) to allow a HC-06 Bluetooth UART module to be attached.

There are 2 sets of jumpers at the top edge of the board, one for the UART base address and one for the ROM/RAM bank selection.

The prototype of the SBC works quite well as is currently my main development platform for creating new software and hardware for the M62.


Fabricated card:

The schematic for this card can be found here

The DesignSpark project files can be found here

[ Finish of details here ]

More will come soon.