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My YouTube channel is being demonetised. [Grumpy half-rant]

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Due to some bad decisions on the part of YouTube, my 39K channel (as well as many thousands of others) are being demonetised as of February 20th.

It’s not like I’m earning any serious money on YouTube (or even enough to cover what I spend on making some videos) but the small trickle of funds was nice and did give some encouragement to make videos. My lifetime earnings in the past 6 years was (as of this posting) $102. I do have a Patreon account but I don’t have any Patreons on it yet. I would probably start producing more videos if I had some Patreons as I would feel obligated to them.

Anyway, I find this to be quite disappointing, I’m not all about over sensationalising things just to gather as many views and subscribers as possible. It is sad that small channels like mine are being cut off and left in the cold, yet YouTube will still be collecting revenue from adverts shown along side those demonetised videos.

I have decided that I will not be throwing as much energy into video productions as I did before (admittedly it was rather unpredictable when I did anyway), I’m throwing most of my energy into my Computer Science degree, and I am also getting ready to write a book covering hardware and software topics with the Arduino, this will be followed up with guided lessons and tutorials to teach people how to use the Arduino (Basically what the book aims to do but as an aid for a classroom type setting). I will be posting more on that in the near future.

I will still upload some videos from time to time, but my most valuable content will be put on this website and a summary will be shown on YouTube.

Bye for now,

And I’ll be updating this site in general soon.