Daily Archives: November 9, 2017

Some changes to my YouTube Channel

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Time has come to spruce up my YouTube channel and start putting more content out with a bit more substance.

I’ve been busy with getting settled into university and now feel I have time to put more effort into my channel.

Sundays I will be releasing new teardown videos, these may be single part teardowns or multi-part, depending on how complex and how long it runs.

Fridays will be my cool down days from university so I will be recording some gaming videos (possibly live stream, not sure yet) and I will have it edited and released the following Friday.

Another change I have made is that I have now signed up with Patreon, I’m still learning how to set this up so my page on there needs a bit of work. My intention is to have it in place if people are interesting in supporting my work.

Benefits of being a Patreon will be as follows:

  • Early access to my videos
  • Credits on Patreon supported videos
  • Patreon only content when it is available
  • More benefits to be established as time goes on…

If you are interested in supporting my channel, please go to my Patreon page.