Kepco JQE75-1.5M PSU refurbishment – Part 3 (Finale)

So I finally have finished the refurbishment of the Kepco JQE75-1.5M PSU.

I forgot to upload this post so it is about a week late unfortunately, but better late than never.


In this final instalment I have already finished the first PSU, then I do the entire 2nd PSU the same way as the first to show you what I went through to get the finished product.

The total cost of this project was around $35

  • $10 each for the PSU’s
  • $9.74 for a pair of screens
  • couple of dollars worth of resistors and diodes
  • few cents worth of solder and heatshrink

It took a good few hours to do each modification, the longest part was grinding down the metal to fit the IEC connector. This would have been seconds with the proper tools but I didn’t have them 😛


The PSU’s appear to be working fine, though I need to do a proper burn-in test to be 100% certain of their stability.


Hopefully more projects to come soon.

Thanks for watching!

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