Kepco JQE75-1.5M PSU refurbishment – Part 2

So I continue my refurbishment of the Kepco JQE75-1.5M PSU.

My LED displays arrived from Ebay so I decided it’s time to fit them, and time to replaced the neon power indicator with an LED.


I could not find a stable voltage (as in, not changing when adjusting the current/voltage pot) so I opted to find an AC voltage either on the board or on the transformer itself.

After 2 attempts I found an unused 24Vac winding on the transformer and hooked up the following circuit to the LED display and power LED which replaces the neon bulb.



(Note: there is a 330uF 50V electrolytic reservoir cap across the DC output voltage I forgot to draw in)


This seems to work fine, now I just need to fit an IEC connector and a bezel for the LED display on the front panel.

2016-03-19 01.08.00

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