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PSU Project #8 – Transistor Voltage Regulation

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October 17th 2015

In this video I will be demonstrating regulating the voltage with a 2N3055 NPN Power transistor.

The basic idea is very simple, the transistor will compare the Vin with the output voltage via R1 and R2, it will then adjust the output which drives the transistor and will make corrections to the voltage that is being driven by it.

vreg with 3055

I also give a quick demonstration of this circuit being controlled by the MCP4822 DAC which is connected to my Arduino.

2015-10-17 01.12.43

You may have noticed that I have moved the DAC/ADC setup onto a new board which now uses the Arduino Nano as opposed to the Arduino Mega. This is getting it all in line for when I start to merge the analogue and digital side of things.