PSU Project #0 – Intro

(Transplanted from old website)
August 9th 2015:

Yesterday I launched my new series on YouTube for my PSU Project with episode #0.

It was an introduction to the new series in which I explained the way in which I will be approaching the design for the PSU. The will be parts for the Digital side and parts for the Analogue side with the eventual combining of both parts to create the final design. And if there is enough interest at the end of it, I may further extend into option expansions and computer control.
I may eventually expand to a 3rd section which deals with a Java interface that will run on PC, Mac, Linux machines.
It is aimed to have all odd numbered episode for digital, and even for analogue until we get to the stage we combine. This may change as we go along, but time will tell 🙂

If your interested in following along, I will be using these main parts (at least to begin with):
Digital section:
  • An Arduino or Clone
  • MCP3304 – 13-Bit ADC
  • MCP4822 – 12-Bit DAC
  • MCP1541 – 4.096V reference for ADC (MAX6029 4.096V version or similar can be used in it’s place)
  • Hitachi Compatible display
Analogue section:
  • 2N3055
  • LM324 Quad-OPAMPs
  • LM358 Dual-OPAMPs

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